Secret Lair Ultimate Edition 2: Hidden Pathways

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This boxed set features ten borderlesss Pathway lands in premium foil with brand-new art from ten of Magic's best artists; Paul Scott Canavan, Alayna Danner, Piotr Dura, Grady Frederick, Donato Giancola, Yeong-Hao Han, Adam Paquette, Lucas Staniec, Jokubas Uogintas, and Johannes Voss.

In Ultimate Edition 2, the six Pathway lands originally printed in Zendikar Rising feature art showcasing the Plane of Kaldheim, and the four Pathway lands coming in Kaldheim feature art showcasing the Plane of Zendikar instead.

Like the first Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Edition 2 will arrive in a beautiful commemorative box that can be used for display.

Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2 includes:

  • 1 Barkchannel Pathway // Tidechannel Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Blightstep Pathway // Searstep Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Branchloft Pathway // Boulderloft Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Brightclimb Pathway // Grimclimb Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Clearwater Pathway // Murkwater Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Cragcrown Pathway // Timbercrown Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Darkbore Pathway // Slitherbore Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Hengegate Pathway // Mistgate Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Needleverge Pathway // Pillarverge Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Riverglide Pathway // Lavaglide Pathway (Borderless)

  • 1 Commemorative display box