Modern MTG - RCQ report

Posted by John Hansen on


Our Regional Championship Qualifier took place this past Saturday and was a great event!  32 players came from as far away as St. Paul, Minnesota and Wausau, Wisconsin.  Two of our local players made the Top 4: both Sean Stairs and Bryson Patterson.  Ultimately Jacob Rabaey defeated Chase Stalsberg in the finals.  Jacob plans to travel to Atlanta next to continue his path to the Pro Tour.  Many featured matches can be viewed in their entirety at  The finalists decklists are listed below.


Jacob Rabaey (1st Place)


Expressive Iteration x4

Archmage's Charm x3

Consider x4

Counterspell x4

Dress Down x1

Ledger Shredder x4

Lightning Bolt x3

Mishra's Bauble x4

Murktide Regent x3

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer x4

Spell Pierce x2

Spell Snare x1

Unholy Heat x4

Fiery Islet x1

Flooded Strand x2

Misty Rainforest x1

Otawara, Soaring City x1

Polluted Delta x2

Scalding Tarn x2

Snow-Covered Island x3

Spirebluff Canal x4

Steam Vents x3



Blood Moon x1

Dress Down x1

Engineered Explosives x2

Flusterstorm x2

Fury x1

Jace, the Mind Sculptor x1

Magus of the Moon x1

Mystical Dispute x2

Subtlety x2

Unlicensed Hearse x2



Chase Stalsberg (2nd place)

Azorious Control

Solitude x4

Wall of Omens x4

Omen of the Sea x4

Teferi, Time Raveler x4

Counterspell x4

Archmage's Charm x4

Spreading Seas x4

Supreme Verdict x3

Prismatic Ending x4

March of the Otherworldy Light x3

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria x2

Restoration Angel x2

Nimble Obstructionist x2

The Wandering Emperor x2

Jace, Mind Sculptor x1

The Fall of Lord Konda x1

Mystic Gate x4

Flooded Strand x4

Castle Vantress x2

Scalding Tarn x3

Misty Rainforest x2

Otawara, Soaring City x2

Hallowed Fountain x2

Celestial Colonnade x1

Raugrin Triome x1

Hall of Storm Giants x1

Glacial Fortress x1

Island x6

Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire x1

Plains x1

Spara's Headquarters x1


Yorian, Sky Nomad x1



Force of Negation x1

Sublety x3

Flusterstorm x2

Dress Down x2

Rest in Peace x2

Chalice of the Void x3

Summary Dismissal x1



Chase Stalsberg (left) and Jacob Rabaey (right), our two finalists!